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He grabbed her hips and buried himself deep into her. Her mouth was all the way down to the bas of my cock and as his balls started to make a slapping...sound against her pussy, she started to bite the base of my cock. Her tongue still sucking at the shaft. It was strangely hot and I liked the sensation of her teeth, almost acting like a cock-ring, forcing my cock to strain.I looked at Rob and realised I hadn't mentioned his sucking my cock. It wasn't the time. Things had returned to a more. I was giving Danny a tit wank. Moans, grunts, the unmistakable sound of tits smacking on bare skin, and my frequent dirty talk of "You're so big, I bet all the girls fight over this, give me your sweet treat, do you like my big boobs bouncing on your dick?" were heard quite clearly throughout the house. He began to thrust his pelvis; fucking my cleavage... he was close. "I'm going to cum!" was the only phrase he could muster, and so I quickly sat on my knees, jerking his dick, holding it. Things were going to have to wind down, as I was running out of energy, and unless I was going to take these two back to my hotel, I was going to have to let them get on to other customers. I gave each of them a $250 tip, and they were thrilled with that. I then asked them to have Katrina bring my bar tab so I could close things out. I kissed each of them deeply, tasting pussy and my own cum in their mouths, and they gathered their belongings and left me alone in the booth.Shortly after,. When I was doing my engineering, I used to stay in private hostel and obviously they had a maid. I dint have any feeling for her at first because she was old. . Like above 40. So I dint have much interest in her. But one day when I sleeping bunking my classes someone knocked my door so lazily I woke up n opened the door, maid. She was there to clean my room so I just gave some space for her to move in n start cleaning. Then I went to my bed and sat watching her tiding up the room, she was.
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