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I said i dont have such clothes then he took me on his bike and we went to city centre mall and he bought a pair for me and asked me to wear it to the other day.I said ok and the other i wore those clothes as he said and went to office and he called me to his cabin and i went there and he asked me to close the door and lock it i did as he said and he asked me to remove the T-shirt in front of him and i did as he said exactly and both my milk tanks were in front of he again started to. I was now shouting like a prisoner being tortured.My eyes were shut for a long time due to the pain I was feeling.Though he later told me that doggie was his favorite position.I could immediately understand why.The position of my body helped to have a deeper penetration. Also since he was standing and moving front and back,he had a better position to thrust in and out.He was now slowing speed to make sure that he gives a deep penetration into my pussy and I was moaning with each thrust.After. “Aw. The Queen is entertaining today,” The Knave spoke, his words for himself although they were loud enough for Alice to hear. “Perhaps It would be best to introduce you when her passions are less heightened.”“Off with her head!” This time the words were crystal clear and delivered at great volume. A moment later there was a blood-curdling scream that made Alice’s toes curl and raised goosebumps up and down her arms.“Oh, my,” she repeated, swallowing nervously, the queasy feeling in her. Again, we slept, this time until nine o'clock when his dad called."Hand me my panties," I said, scrambling out from beneath the coverlet.He shook his head, grinning mischievously."It's for your sake," I told him. "I want you inside me, not streaming down my legs." With a start of alarm, he snatch my panties off the floor and helped me struggle into them. I scrambled off the pillows, across the living room toward the phone, this time ducking and covering before the big bay window, and reached it.
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