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"I think that when I am pregnant you will have to fuck me like that again and again! It felt wonderful". "Only on one condition" I said! She looked ov...r her shoulder at me, raised an eyebrow and said "What's that then?" I looked at this wonderful beautiful woman, who had 2 loads of cum in her ass, and my cock still buried there, 2 loads of cum in her pussy, and one in her stomach, and said "Marry me!" "Only if your mother is told today, and she agrees. If she doesn't agree I won't because it. “I mean, you don’t mind me being with Charlotte?”“Of course not.” Melissa rolled her eyes. “You are not my husband or boyfriend, I can’t just keep you to myself. But still, you might want to ask Charlotte and see if she minds.”“Oh. Okay.” I muttered as I looked at Charlotte whom was still sitting at the porch. She saw us both looking at her and raised her champagne glass at us.“I don’t think she minds though, but we can never be too sure.” Melissa giggled and hooked her arms around mine. Then,. ’ She whispered so that only he could hear. ‘Let them stare, I’ve waited a life time to hold you like this, I don’t care what they think so long as I have you in my arms.’ She could feel herself blushing at the suggestion and quickly rested her head against his chest so he wouldn’t see as they drifted round the dance floor. It had felt so strange to be dancing again. As a girl she had always loved to dance and her father had been happy to indulge her, paying handsomely for instructors to come. “He must be getting old and dried out. Most men would jump at the chance to be in your shoes” Alicia says.“Only think old and dried out Alicia my dear is that sweet pussy of yours. It’s been little over a month since you had me inside you” I tell her.“Akira I think this boy is going to have to be tied down. When this week is over I’m going to ride you till you can’t walk anymore then I’m going to fuck your brains out.”Akira starts giggling. “Only if I can watch, I would love to see him all.
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