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Yet, for a moment it was an incredible feeling,arousing and alienating at once. At that very moment, I lived my kink toa certain degree. Though it was...different from the tales of magic andtransformation I read at times, it was as close as I could get to itfrom my humble point. It was the same feeling that those stories gaveme, but much stronger. And it would grow even stronger as soon as Ishared this intimate moment with my loved one, I thought.With soft, lascivious steps I approached the bed. Every muscle in my body was jerking, I couldn’t breath. I would just about stop and he would flick his tongue on my clit and send me back to another yet weaker orgasm. He finally stopped and I heard him pull off his trunks. He pulled me up and set me on the edge of the bed. His cock was pointed right at my face. He said it’s your turn now. I knew how to do this. I had done it many times to please the boys that I had dated so that I didn’t have to have sex with them. I took it in my hands. ‘Why did ye order a bath for her, Cien?’ Cien turned to his cousin and shrugged. ‘I thought a clean witch was better burning than a dirty one.’ Alex eyed him carefully. ‘Ye believe me know do ye?’ ‘Aye. He magic’s wore off when she was away from me for so long.’ Cien looked at me, his eyes cold and distant. I stared back into them, trying desperately to remember that he loved me and he still wanted to marry me even though he knew I wasn’t of his time. He still loved me. Unconditional love. He. . Awww howcute. What's a matter? Are you nervous?" teased his older sister in herannoying baby voice."Why should I be nervous?!? And why are you talking to me in the firstplace?!?" Paul asked defensively, "I thought I wasn't worth wastingsaliva over?" remembering one of the putdowns she once used on him."Just wanted to make sure of something... you're going to meet the AOAtomorrow after school right? Sign up and everything?" Lisa inquired beingthe nosey bird that she was."Uh.. duh... I kinda.
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