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Climbing on the bed next to Ana she pulled Ana's head to her breast and had Ana suck on her silently for a while, she then signaled Hannah to get on A...a's other side and start sucking Ana's boob. Their mother always used this approach to calm any of them that was truly upset. As Ana calmed down a bit, Lana petted her long hair with one hand as Ana continued attacking Lana's tit furiously, Lana then dropped her other hand to Ana's pussy and started gently caressing her cunt, working a finger. They each squeezed me tightly as they made out, tongues occasionally sliding over each other’s lips, before finally breaking the kiss, looking at each other with sparkling eyes. My mouth just hung half open, my knees wobbling. I didn’t even feel one hand sliding along my belly until suddenly the girl pressed against my front had her hand between my thighs, stroking several fingers along my sopping slit. I let out a loud groan at her touch, feeling both of their warm bodies pressed against mine,. The older woman took Sylvia over to her dresser and opened up a special box. Inside was a string of pearls that she hooked around Sylvia’s neck. She then said that they were a gift and to wear them with pride. She then turned to me and said, “Young man you made an old lady very happy and for that I’m going to double your pay.”I didn’t feel so young at fifty but I wasn’t going to argue with her either.She kissed Sylvia on the lips, then she kissed me on the lips and said, “We need to do this. He put ear plugs into my ears and onto my head he placed a leather hood with no eye holes, only nostril ventilation and a hole for the water tube to be taped into place in my mouth. The hood laced up the back of my head, and around my neck. It felt good. He ran his hands lightly over my arms, checking for circulation, I guess. He cupped and fondled my balls and rechecked the penis tubing.Then there was a long pause. I could not tell if he had walked away, or was standing near me. And then I.
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