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But he does it because he hasn’t been able to have Rory, and that is no one’s fault but his.“I’ve thought about all the things I ignored and I...shouldn’t feel the need to be afraid,” Chance says. “I worried about what our parents would say and then I realized that we have gone beyond that. Why should I be afraid of what they would say if we had a kid? Shouldn’t I be more afraid of what they would say about knowing what we have done already?”“That’s what I tried to tell you,” Rory says, her voice. I dared not let her ever think using the safeword was a negative thing. A quick, “good girl” conveying my pride and trust in her judgment.K5 “The plug has me leaking, Miss. I wish I had worn panties. My jeans may show. Heading in now.”A shiver of mischief shuddering through my mind.ADarkAngel: “Honestly, slut, I hope your jeans do get stained.”A simple exclamation mark showing my slut’s shock.ADarkAngel: “Well, you brought it up. I’m just stating my preference. However, as needed, type. How could she do this to me? How could she be so deceptive and betray me while she acted so normal a close when we were together. Sex was something we had learned and explored together, something special between us. I also questioned myself. What had I done wrong? Was I not good enough to satisfy her? Was I somehow inadequate as a lover?I turned the tape back on. Maybe I could find out what was missing between Kim and I. Maybe I could find an answer from the tape.She continued to suck and fuck. I vagued out for a little while and didn’t notice when Djioun crept in next to me in bed. I did notice when he went to stick himself up my ass again because of the tenderness there but I never asked him to stop. He fucked me without me doing much at all, instead just lying there and breathing hard. With his hand tight on my throat Djioun whispered in my ear filthy degrading comments. “I hope your real fucked up tomorrow Lusty. I can’t wait to see how funny you walk and hear you straining to.
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