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”“God. You spoke his Hebrew name ... is he not watching as we do all this? Will he not be angry? Should we not fear his vengeance?”Lilith’s started as a low, throaty rumble before erupting into a sustained gale. She threw her head back and her curvy body shook for several long moments as she chortled with glee, her massive dong now at full, rigid attention.“My child ... If Yahweh cared what happened here, do you think I would have gotten this far? No, he’s forsaken humanity. I think he’s. This is my first time and my first story, if you find any mistakes please feel free to control me. It was on Thursday after noon I come from work and I was tired due to works as I was working in the Road construction I had an appointment to see my friend for a diner, I reached home a bit late I took a bath and have a cup of coffee I went outside to check my bike I fund that my dad used it so and there was a little fuel I asked him he gave me money to go and buy and I went to gas station it was. Mandy smile and licked her lips as he did so.“Good?” she asked.“Fucking amazing Mandy.”Mandy leaned forward and dipped her finger in the sticky mess that now lay in globules on his beach towel. She scooped some up and slowly and without taking her eyes off his she slipped the cum laden fingers into her mouth.“Mmmmm, that’s good,” she finally said, slurping at each finger as though she had just finished eating some fried chicken or something.Andy also reached forward, but he wasn’t reaching for. "I think it's about time to lose your virginity. With the dildos you fuck yourself with, though, I don't think that will be much of a problem. Right, slut?" I nodded my head slowly, unsure of what to do but lay there.. This was going to be my first real cock, and all I could do was wait for it. It felt like he was a good size when I was sucking him, maybe as big as the 8 inch dildo I use. After a few more spanks, he started to finger my boy pussy. One, two, and then 3 went in, and it didn't.
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