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.no..."I whispered, struggling to pull away. But the girl pushed her own weight against me even harder.I really did not have much of a chance to make ... decision. This wild ebony babe stopped my protests by putting just enough pressure on my clit to please me. My eyes rolled upwards, towards the dark grey sky.She slipped her long fingers out of my pussy lips and pulled down the straps of my tight dress. She pulled it down, wrapping it around my waist and she leaned in to bite my lower red lip. When he said, “Suck my dick” and pulled my face into him, I let my lips caress his hard dick. He needed it, I needed it. With his hand on the back of my head, I began to lick him. “Ahhh, yes” he said softly. Somehow, I knew just what to do, as if I was. one for this, and parted my lips, taking his throbbing dick into my mouth. My lips wrapped around his shaft, moving back and forth, I stroked his dick with my wet mouth. “Don’t stop, don’t stop” he demanded, maybe even begged. Silently, and. Once again plunged into darkness, my mind raced imagining what she had lined up next. Would it be absolute torture, humiliation, degradation, or,….pleasure? My mind was so mixed up. I was so humiliated by what this woman has done to me, but was I also enjoying every moment!?With my sense of sight taken away, I strained my ears to determine what was coming next. I heard the flip of a cap and the tell-tell farting sound of a lubricant tube being squeezed.I felt the shift of the bed as she joined. You are standing there in stockings and a lacy bra, cuffs dangling from a finger and the whip in the other hand. You motion to the bed, and I walk over. You tell me to drop the towel and get on my knees in front of you. I get down on my knees, my wet hair hanging into my face. You put the cuffs on my wrists. Putting the handle of the whip under my chin, you push my head up and kiss my lips very softly. You tell me to lie down on the bed. Taking my arms over my head, you tie them with the.
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