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I printed off all the emails and jotted down all the details that you have read in this story as a record if needed in the future, then logged off and...secreted the information in my car.A few days later replies to my emails started to return a few possibilities existed and I was especially interested in a job on a 2 year contract in Savannah GA, doing exactly the kind of work I had done previously and to cut what is beginning to feel a very long story short, eventually obtained a job offer to. About this time, I was approached by the college about maybe running night classes for adults who wanted to learn about computers, just the basics for email, internet surfing and the like. The pay wouldn’t be much, classes would only by about 3 hours a week anyway, and I could teach most of the stuff off the cuff. I took the gig, and found that I was again enjoying the teaching aspects of the computer industry. I talked to the Dean over coffee one day and suggested a formal curriculum with. I decided to call in some help, I needed someone I could trust and not have to tell all the facts to. I didn't want anyone to know what happened to Jill. The person I picked had to be willing to get his hands dirty. There was one person I felt fit the bill, my old friend from college, Billy Mason.I need to regress and explain a little about Billy. We went to college together, we were both on the football team. I was a second string end, but Billy was a starting guard. He was a black man who. "So you never spoke or dealt with the defendant, Mr De Torino ever?"the defence lawyer asked."No. I never met him and I never spoke to him. I didn't even know whohe was," Brian Jenkins replied."No further questions," the defence lawyer concluded.Angela had to sit through several more prosecution witnesses who alltestified that they spoke and arranged the sexual encounters witheither Svetlana Kavelenko or with her housemate Nina Keane. None ofthem ever met or spoke to Gino De Torino, though many.
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