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Lauren found herself dealing with the fact that her own mother had seduced Sam, but then she started laughing and the mother/daughter team began to fi...ure out how both of them could start enjoying and satisfying their mutually high sexual desires together.Lauren actually found herself wishing she could have secretly come in the house while her mother Carmen and Sam had been fucking and watched the two of them getting it on. Lauren loved watching porn flicks with her girlfriends and she'd. " Huh?" I said. "But I don't want to be girlish and I don't want any ofthis!" Like I said, that's part of the fun for me." I was about to startarguing again, but she raised a finger and stopped me. "And, inreturn, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you do as well asyou possibly can in all your courses. I'm really good withcommunications and math and between Mark and Aaron they can help youwith everything else." But it's still not right!" I said, getting a bit angry. "I don't. ”They all looked over when they heard someone come in. All but Lisa. It was Hank, and he had two others with him. One was clearly a friend of theirs. The other was not. Seems they had abducted another woman.Josh noticed immediately the naked woman’s large hanging breasts as they flopped about as she was pulled into the room. They were covered in bruises. It looked to Josh like they had been stretched out of shape.Looking down, he could see more bruising on her upper thighs and cum running down. “Yes,” she answered softly as she reached down and lightly wrapped her fingers around his thick manhood.“We could… we should stop…” he said softly as he breathed deeply and his cock twitched beneath her soft touch.“You’re right,” she sighed as she slid her foot of the table and it joined her other behind his knees, “Daddy; we should!”Jay watched as she raised her other hand and threaded them through his fingers cupping her breast as she shifted her hips and her hot wet slit slid beneath his.
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